About Gemma Morriss Dip, AICH, Hyp.Adv. DCH


Gemma is a multi talented mother of five children with a 17 year gap between the first and last. She has followed an interesting and varied career, always balancing her active life around her busy family. Despite enjoying everything that she has done it was when she had her last baby, William, that she found her passion.

Having had four uneventful and straight forward births, with and without drugs for pain relief, which resulted in four beautiful, healthy and much-loved children, Gemma felt that surely the birth process could be more sympathetic, more empowering and more satisfying.

After finding hypnobirthing she and her husband did the course and Gemma committed herself to it wholeheartedly, working hard to get the birth she wanted.

When William was born, she found the absolute joy of birth enabled by the complete simplicity of the hypnobirthing process.

Not only is Gemma a hypnobirthing practitioner but she also lectures at Kings College for the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy to qualified Hypnotherapists teaching  hypnobirthing and hypnofertility and works for them as  a  supervisor.

In addition she is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, taking the power of the subconscious mind even further.... Click here for more information

Gemma is a member of Fedant and is on the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Affiliated with The Wise Hippo.

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